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Photobucket Changes Breaking Images

When you’re on a small website hosting plan, it’s important to be clever about ways to save space on the virtual storage disk. Hence when I started this blog, I thought I was being clever by uploading all of my photos to photobucket and using the link to show them on here. No one would know that I wasn’t using my own we site space.

It’s a little bit of old news but photobucket stopped allowing people to do this. Now you go through my old posts and see my images don’t appear and instead a weird message shoes in its space.

Of course this is a tad frustrating as I can’t remember exactly which image was on each of these spaces. It is a long process but googling the subject and reading other people’s frustrations makes it a little easier.

Nowadays pictures is a huge thing for blogs. Having a featured image attracts readers and with the whole Instagram popularity, a picture is meant to almost give away what the entire post is about. With 3rd party websites tightening their strings, it’s becoming harder but we’ll always find a way to get through it all.

Happy blogging!

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