Short and Sweet Amazon Reviews

I want to publish a post that is mainly a summary of random items you can buy on Amazon and whether they’re a good buy or not.

Prices change all the time so it must be the right price for you. Please make that decision before buying.

Kbnian Clothes Pegs

This is a good buy and the way these are made are much better than those old fashioned clothes pegs.

Stainless Steel Sieve Set & Whisk

This is actually one of my best buys from Amazon. The set is lightweight. The only negative is the sieve part is lightweight (but not flimsy, it’s well made) and so it’s easy to bend and lose its shape. I’m fine with it though.

Template Tool

I have one of these to give away so head over to my giveaway page to win it.

I ordered this thinking I’d use it for arts and crafts but this hit me at a time when I was heading for minimalism and so, although it seems like a useful tool, it’s not something I need.

Metal Hanging Flower Pot 

This set comes with 10 pots in different colours. As well as using them for plants, I find them a nice gift idea, filling them with snacks, pens, whatever takes your fancy. Add a little string and it makes it look a little fancy.

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