AUKEY Desk Lamp and Power Bank Review

I have been reviewing similar desk lamps and a whole range of power banks for awhile and I will be writing a post on choosing the right one for you soon. However, this post will focus on products from the AUKEY brand. I do have a reasonable amount of knowledge on both products so I hope to share my thoughts on them.

First up is the:

AUKEY Foldable Desk Lamp

This is a large  but slimline lamp. It doesn’t take up much desk space but its light area is long so can cover a large area. Then, if you don’t feel like you want it to hang over things, you can just fold it down. There is also a USB port which can be used to charge your phone.

Its other features include being able to control the brightness of the lamp. It has a touch control base, so you slide your finger across to make it brighter or dimmer. There is also a touch button for a 60 minute timer, and of course the useful on/off button.

The good thing about this lamp is that you can choose between white lighting and warm yellow lighting.

The wire to plug it in goes out from the back of the lamp which is handy as it means you can place your lamp wherever you want.

I’ve tested other lamps similar to this and I like how it doesn’t have a huge base. This is ideal for those who have smaller desks or putting on a sideboard or console table. It also is good for those who like a modern design.

You can buy it from Amazon here.

Next up I have 3 power banks from the brand. 2 are very similar but it’s all about the details:

AUKEY Quick Charge 2.0 20000mAh Power Bank

AUKEY Quick Charge 3.0 20000mAh Power Bank

AUKEY Quick Charge 3.0 Portable Charger 30000mAh

With the first two power banks, the difference is the charging speed. The rest of the features are the same.

The power banks with 20000mAh+ numbers basically refer to how much power they can store to charge your phone. 200000 mAh should charge your phone a few times and 300000mAh much more than that.

The 200000mAh powerbanks are slightly smaller than the 300000mAh one but they are bigger than medium sized power banks. What I found that is that they are not as heavy as my other large power banks.

They all are well designed as they are simple, rectangle in shape with no fuss patterns. There are USB ports for all devices which I found really cool.

I like how the power button lights up green when it is on.

Another added feature is a little torch light built in which is cool. You can turn it on/off by pressing and holding the power button.

It’s pretty handy to have any one of these power banks and keeping it in your bag when going to places like work as they fit neatly in the bag, much better than carrying a standard wall charger around. They all come with a charging wire to get you charging your phone quicker.

I’ve found all the products well made and have not found any negatives so far. They are all worth having a look at.

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