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Vatos RC Car Off Road High Speed Remote Control Car Review

I am a big kid and I enjoy playing with remote controlled cars. I remember when I was a teenager and I was feeling a bit low, I went to Argos to purchase a remote control car to cheer me up. Not clothes. A remote control car. I had it until very recently when I sold and donated a lot of times to minimise what I own.

In 2016 when I got into the whole Amazon review thing, I had the opportunity to purchase this remote control car at a discounted price. I was quite excited as at that time it was selling for over £60 (at the time of writing this it is at £32.99). When it arrived, my kids and their father headed to the local park to test drive the car.

It was really easy to set up and I found that it worked really well. It was much faster than my old £20 Argos car I had and it was easy to manoeuvre it around with the remote control. I didn’t have any issues with it not working after a few days. It continued to be as enjoyable as the first day.

At half the price it is a steal and great fun for kids, young teens and even adults. I don’t think many people really grow out of remote control cars.

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