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3D Jigsaw Puzzles – Fun for the family

My kids have been into puzzles for a very long time. It keeps them occupied for ages and I was surprised at how young they learn to put together the larger puzzles we have.

I was recommended these 3D puzzles on Amazon and decided to order them. I liked the old school look of the buildings and ended up with three: The Flower Shop, Hotel and Ice Cream Parlour.

They all come flat packed so they are great for storing, ready to be built.

It is basically thick cardboard which is padded. The art is really nice and it was relaxing looking at the detail in this modern technology era.

The parts to the puzzle need to be pushed out from the rest of the cardboard.

The pieces are numbered and different pieces will have the same number so you know which piece matches up to the next piece. In other words if there are two pieces with the number 40, then those 40s need to line up next to each other. Some parts also bend, whilst others you insert into holes to keep the 3D puzzle intact. My first attempt was something like this:

I’ve never built a 3D puzzle before and it came with no instructions so I did get a bit confused so I decided to get the base down and try work my way from there.

It’s quite cool how it all comes together but one negative I found was that the pillars by the door on the side of the flower shop were not very strong. They easily bend and can break if you’re not over the top gentle.

On second attempt I was feeling more confident. The kids helped out with pushing the puzzle pieces out and assembling parts of it.

I built from floor up so no pieces would get squashed.

This one was really cute as it had a little table and bench set with it:

The only negative with this one was the stairs. As it joins from the side, it was wanting to come away from the rest of the parlour. I think super glue would keep it intact and solve the issue.

I did enjoy making these and more than that, I liked the look of these. I think using some glue to keep everything secure might be a good idea as that means the kids can play with them with their little toy people and these puzzles really look good when built. I give it a thumbs up as a adults gift and older kids would find it interesting to build too. I have one more left to build but I’ve left that for a rainy day.

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