The 4 month leap – Baby Growth Spurt

I kid myself when I say I am going to get back into blogging and months later I have not added anything to the website. HAHAHA. It’s that time of year folks, when my baby is going through the 4 month leap, sleep regression, growth spurt… whatever you want to call it, and it’s been going on for some time.

I remember this time clearly with my first. I remember being home alone all day, feeding her all day and then my other half coming home to find me in tears. I was still feeding. And it didn’t stop that night. I was exhausted. I went online to find out what’s happening on a breastfeeding support group and thank goodness these groups exist! I was told it was normal and there is a major leap. Forget the constant nursing, the hourly wake up calls throughout the night were a shock. I was lucky that my baby used to sleep through the entire month before this and so I always had an end vision in mind. It’s funny how all babies are different though….

My 4 month old is not one to nurse constantly. Pretty much a chilled out baby since birth when it comes to milk. Prefers to sleep and not feed but is growing well. However I have noticed him wanting a lot of comfort and cuddles recently which is difficult with two young babies. However I try.

At the same time I have found my energy crash in the past two weeks.

The goal here is to keep going with the thought in mind that this growth spurt will also end and there will be better days after it. You are strong mama!

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