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My Minimalism Update: A Sense of Calmness

It feels like a long time ago when I was frantically going through every inch and corner of my home trying to minimise what I had, trying to think of the next thing I could get rid of that I didn’t really need and not being able to sit and relax because going through the smallest drawer somehow led to the entire room covered with stuff from that one little draw!

However it was only recently I was constantly going through drawers and drawers of stuff listing, selling and donating and so overwhelmed!

To me, the biggest success has been the kitchen. It’s the place where it can get the messiest most quickly especially when I didn’t keep on top of washing dishes right away and leaving it for the evening or not pushing the clean dishes away as soon as they were dry. It felt like the windowsill was covered with extra dishes and the worktop became the new cabinet for extra mugs. The worktop was more storage than workspace. It was tiring cleaning up every day and not a room I enjoyed being in.

Now it is totally different. Most of the worktop is empty. It looks fresh and clean every day. There is space to work and it’s so easy to do a quick wipe of the worktop as there aren’t several things on it getting in the way.

We got rid of all extra dishes and now there’s a minimal amount of plates and cups that need to be washed and put away. It takes a couple of minutes as opposed to several.

As I have kids, we do have extra items in other rooms that we are using up in time but is not overwhelming now. It is easier to put things away and keep the rooms looking as tidy as possible as now everything has a place and is not overflowing on every surface.

There is still an ideal level of minimalism I want to achieve but the success at this present time is that I’m happy with how things are and I’m not feeling stressed every day thinking about what to get rid of next. I didn’t think I’d get to this place this soon as I fully expected it to take at least a year but I’m pleasantly surprised.

If I was to give one tip looking back on how I accumulated stuff I didn’t actually need, I’d say don’t buy things because they look so cool and “you love it” but wait till you actually need it. You’ll probably not purchase it in the future either!

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