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Instagram, Minimalism, Plastic-Free: Thoughts

I’ve never been good at using instagram. I don’t like taking pictures of myself and uploading them to an open audience for example, so this rules out a whole load of instgram style posts, such as outfit of the day. I love food with different spices but sadly I’m not good at trying out lots of new things, so food posts are lacking too. I look at my instagram and feel a little embarassed, I see plastic.

Now I’m on my minimalism journey, it means I’m trying to minimise what I bring into my home. On top of that, I’m trying to go as plastic-free as possible, so that’s even less stuff to potentially photo.

To be honest, I am not worried about having a really sad instagram but maybe I could set myself challenges and see my progress through photos, seeing what I actually do bring into my home with all these new goals.

Follow me on instagram here and I’ll follow you back. It would be great to see what you buy and have replaced in your lives for every day items.

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