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Fairy lights reviews

This post will be updated with lots of fun fairy lights I’ve reviewed.

Albrillo Glass Bottle Fairy Lights

These fairy lights were by far one of my most favourite ones I’ve reviewed. I have slowly transformed my home to completely store my food in glass rather than plastic. It looks good too. These fairy lights are mini versions of what’s in my kitchen cupboards. They are small glass bottles with a cork top which actually can pop off too (can sometimes fall off when you don’t want it too if you have a habit of moving it around too much).

I have an empty wall in my kitchen and I found that it looked best there. It allowed the glass bottles to be the feature and look really nice. When the lights are turned on they glisten from the glass and project a warm feeling into the room.

The fairy lights are battery operated and there are 8 light modes/sequences to choose from. You can also set it so that it slowly fades into each sequence rather than setting it to one mode.

The string is long so you have 7.5ft worth to spread across the wall. There are 20 mini glass jars in total on the string.

The warm white colour project a soft warmth into the room. It’s a lovely backdrop for videos too and a little fancy. 10/10 for me!

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