Tibet Impression Notebook from Amazon

Amazon has a wide range of stationary thanks to the Chinese sellers who have joined the marketplace. I still haven’t grown out of that feeling you get when you have fresh and new stationary in front of you. Especially crisp, straight and no crease in site notebooks.

I am a massive note-taker and am guilty of doodling when writing is not needed. Of course my drawings don’t look as great on lined paper so plain papered notebooks are good to use and I can write as big or as small as I want to on the page.

This post will be updated with alternative notebooks on the net. I am lucky that I can discover these easily with sellers showing me their products directly so I will start with this Tibet Notebook that can be used for anything:

Tibet Impression Notebook/Scrapbook

You have to give props to the Chinese sellers. Many of them go a extra mile with their products. Firstly, it comes in this special pouch:

Inside, is a A5 landscape book with wonderful art work:

As well as the above, there is also a little black notebook and a postcard. Both of these have the same amazing art work on the front:

This is the lining on the inside of the main book:

The inside paper is not white. It is that dusky yellow paper that goes well with the art work:

There are a handful of pages inside with artwork. I won’t spoil it for you by adding all of them but this is one of them:

At the very back of the book there is a little pouch. Not sure what could go in there but there’s also a handy bookmark string:

This notebook inspires me to write and draw. The art work inside encourages me and I feel like I want to make whatever I write or draw in this book important.

I’m happy to see such a different style of notebook available to buy in the UK. I am a bit notebook crazy but this does make it to the top for a book to use for myself, instead of giving to the kids. It would make a nice gift too.

It’s a thick notebook so there are plenty of pages and it feels well made. If you want to read more details, you can find it here on Amazon.

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