Declutter… AGAIN?!

I’ve said time and time again, it is shocking how many items can fit in a small box. Multiply this over and over again and you come to realise you have 1000s, not 100s, 1000s of unnecessary products. Things that you keep just in case, things are more luxury. You don’t NEED them, but you have them. Things that distract you from doing what you actually enjoy.

I’ve decluttering over and over again in my home but it was all part of one declutter mission. Our kitchen is still great. It is so easy to clean now as there’s not much to put away. The worktop surface is free from clutter.

There were a few bits and bobs ready to be sold, donated or given away and they sat in a corner of a bedroom, ready to go when I had the chance. However, my family visited me last week and I felt my place had that terrible cluttered feel that would tire me out before I started the whole minimalist journey. Once they left, I realised there was so much more that needed to go. It’s like I’m starting from the beginning again. I’ve not brought extra things into my home, and I was so happy with how most rooms were. Clean. Minimalist. Free from clutter on surfaces. But here I am, wanting to get rid of more. What more is there to get rid of? Maybe that candle holder that looks too busy now. Maybe that bed cover that looks too busy now. But I don’t want to give them away only to repurchase something to replace it.

I think I now need to sell a cupboard I have. It looks too big. We’ve managed to get all our clothes (me, partner, kids) into one wardrobe and two dressing units. These are all in my bedroom and so the one in the kids room seems overbearing. It needs to go.

And so I enter the next stage of decluttering and becoming more of a minimalist than I was. It’s like getting rid of a desk that you never used. But I’ve already done that… Although I did use it, it was the wrong size and impractical.

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