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Kealive Ball Solar Garden Light Review

Today I have a really cool product to review. It is a large solar powered light for the outdoors in the shape of a ball.

I’ve actually seen this used as a night light on a bedside table too but as a large ball shaped light it looks pretty awesome outside.

The good thing about it is that you don’t actually see the solar panel as it is inside the ball so all you see is the light.

It has 8 different colours but I have to say my favourite is the yellow. It looks so good in the evenings. It can be set to one colour or it can be set to the automatic colour changing setting. This is all done by one button underneath.

The lights are soft to set the mood. Having a couple opposite each other looks even better than one alone and having several scattered around the garden (if you have a large garden) makes a nice setting.

To get an idea of the size, it is 31cm by 30.7cm by 30.7cm. It feels lightweight at 1.6kg but looks expensive. When you look closely at it, it has a bit of a sparkle.

There is a ground setter included so you can keep it firm in the soil if needed.

It reacts to light so will turn off in the daytime and turn on when it gets dark. It must be placed in a area where the sun will hit it so it can be charged during the day. I have even put it on my windowsill to charge during the day when I wanted to use it in doors when I had a party.

Here’s a video to show it in action but I must say it looks better in person.

Get yours here.

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