Time to get active – Plus Giveaway Time! Win!

Being a mum and not really being around my support network, I barely get time to be online and develop relationships with people. I used to have friends from all over the world and learnt so much about different cultures and life in general. I hope I can develop friendships like those this year.

So why not get to know a variety of people by throwing a big giveaway party? In an attempt to work towards a more zero-waste lifestyle, to be more minimal and really consider my decisions when purchasing things, I thought I’d go through my new items which I’ve recently bought and give them to you. As I am downsizing and moving to a smaller home, it is the perfect time really. And it will be a true test of what I really need, as if I feel like I’ll need it in two months time, then repurchasing will be money well-spent rather than an impulse purchase.

Another thing to mention is my new acceptance of second or third or fourth…. hand items. I went through a phase of only wanting new items. Untouched. I’ve woken up to how wasteful that is, so I’ve got prizes for those in this category to, who do not want new but happy to get a quality second hand (or barely used I’d say) item. I don’t want to exclude anyone but I’ll definitely let winners know beforehand what’s up for grabs instead of sending something you don’t want.

All I need you to do is:

Follow me on Instagram

Follow me on twitter

Comment on this blog post and another blog post that interests you

Comment on the giveaway Instagram pics

I won’t ask you to fill in a rafflecopter or gleam form. If you win, I’ll contact you and ask you for your name on each site and check you’ve really entered 🙂

Okay so what do we have to giveaway

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I have a girls nightwear set to giveaway. Comment on the Instagram pic with your guess of what size it is and what size you’d be looking for, for your own child, relative or someone you know. Use the hashtag #alondonersview

We have a travel item. Can you guess what it is? Leave a comment on Instagram and this blog post. For plastic-free friends (I’m really sorry!) if you want to win this item, I can remove the plastic or if you want keep it and reuse it for something else.

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Comment on the Instagram pic with a guess of what could be inside the bag. Use the hashtag #alondonersview

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Comment on the Instagram pic with the colour you think the wallet is using the hashtag #alondonersview

I have lots more up for grabs but will keep it a mystery until you receive it.

Consider this an off-grid competition. I will post everything tracked but if it still gets lost I won’t be able to send a replacement unless my circumstances change. But I’ve posted a lot of things in the past and it doesn’t tend to get lost!

So, for you to help me get more active and in touch with you guys, this is what will happen:

My aim is to naturally increase my social media following. I want to make friends, chat with you all and be really interested (and the same back) in the things posted online whether on a blogger, on Instagram, on twitter etc.

Hopefully with organic growth I reach my first target (yes it’s huge for someone so inactive!) of 10,000 followers. I am more than happy to follow you back.

Every milestone I reach, I will send out a prize, so 1000 followers, 2000 followers and so on.

Hopefully I will meet lots of you from all different backgrounds and interests, just like what this blog is all about. I may be cutting down my spending but I love seeing traveller notebook posts or spreads from people’s bullet journals, whether heavily decorated or minimal. I’m interested in home decor, in family life, recipes, days out, you name it.

I know my targets possible as I’ve done it before (I’m not a new blogger but I’m starting fresh!) so let’s get virtual socialising. 🙂

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