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    Where I’m At – Minimalism?

    Over the past year I have increasingly been feeling uncomfortable in my space, my home. At first I didn’t realise it was ‘stuff’ that was cluttering my head. My other half has always been a very tidy when you go kind of person, with a small amount of possessions and clothes. On the other hand, I came in with boxes and boxes of STUFF. I hid it all away when I had kids and now I’ve replaced it with other STUFF. I decided to invest in some storage furniture with a clean look so that toys and ‘stuff’ can be dumped in there before daddy gets home and also for…

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    Baking Fail: A Chocolate Cake from the Hummingbird Book

    In my family, we cook our meals from scratch as much as possible. I like cooking but my passion lies in baking. Before having kids, I was regularly trying to find the perfect recipe. The perfect chocolate cake recipe, the perfect cookie recipe, the perfect millionaire’s shortbread… After birthing my first baby, I felt so overwhelmed with everything, I didn’t find any time for myself. I craved doing something new but found no time. After a few months, I decided to try a recipe from a book that had been on my shelf for a long time. I had heard so many positive reviews about this book from the Hummingbird…

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    The Diet Starts Now

    The diet has started. I was doing so well! I was eating healthily. I fought every single thing that made me eat food for comfort. And then what happened?! It’s not like pre kids days you know. When eating 4 bars of chocolate didn’t show up. That’s it. The diet doesn’t start now. No. It has started. Gimme some strawberries.