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    Quick Selling Tip: Clothes

    I have been decluttering new and old items for several years now and what I’ve come to realise is the hardest item to sell: clothes. I’ve had some new clothes, with tags, popular sizes and from brands that would cost a lot normally and setting the price to £5 hasn’t made them budge. And I’ve sold a lot of junk. But good clothes are very difficult to shift. Do be careful with spending on clothes as it is gutting when you find you don’t end up wearing it and need space, and can’t claim back any of the hard earned cash spent on it.

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    Decluttering, Selling and Minimalism

    I have collected so much stuff over the years, I’m actually shocked how much I have. Since most of it is in excellent condition, I’ve put it up for sale and have 100 items listed. How do I even own that much stuff? Stuff I don’t need? I haven’t even finished listed everything yet! There’s also the donating pile and the give away to someone I know box. The donating pile will also have monetary donations as I get money from things that I sell as there are a lot of charities that need the money. I actually feel put off buying things, after seeing how much I have up…