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    Cadbury Milk Chocolate Spread Review and Quick Tea-Time Treat

      If you fancy a delicious but quick to make tea time treat, I have the perfect ides for you. Since having kids, and them being very young, there isn’t much time to bake home made goodies due to all the feeding, cuddling and alsorts that goes on with kids. What I love to make in general is a classic victoria sponge. It tastes good, is simple and is great for dunking in tea. I’ve heard of people using Nutella as a cake spread but whilst shopping, I came across the Cadbury Milk Chocolate Spread. In the example above, I decided to add chopped chocolate in the batter and covered the…

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    A Simple Dessert to Wow Guests

    This is a very simple dessert to make which will make your guests go WOW. All you need is a flan, easily available from supermarkets, for the base. Then get some plain yogurt to spread all over the flan. Top it up with sliced fruit and arrange however you wish. You end up with a healthy, amazing tasting dessert which takes minutes to make. Share your own creations with me by tagging me on whatever social media platform you share it on. I’d love to see yours!

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    Mega Milkshakes – Extreme Milkshakes – Recipe, Tutorial, Ideas

    A dessert shop local to me started advertising these Mega Milkshakes, or some people call them Extreme Milkshakes. It’s milkshake, surrounded by some sort of sauce, topped with more sauce, layered with cream, topped with more cream, filled with chocolate, drizzled with chocolate chunks, caramel, nuts, pretzels, you name it. It’s madness! Watch my video for a very thorough guide on how to make one of these. Now you know how I am always totally honest about everything. Well I certainly do have a opinion of these. Whilst they look AMAZING and have the WOW factor, there is a lot of decoration to it that might not enhance the taste…