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Kealive Product Reviews

Kealive Product Reviews

I have a few products to review from Kealive. They do not need extended detailed reviews so I have put them in one post.

Kealive Pastry Cutter Set and Pastry Blender Stainless Steel Cookie Cutters Set

This set has two items:

A pastry blender

Cookie cutters

They are stainless steel and well made. The pastry blender allows you to to mix and blend pastry dough without getting your fingers dirty which is good because we all know how sticky pastry dough gets.

The cookie cutters come in 4 different sizes: 4cm , 5cm , 6cm and 7cm.

Kealive Vanity Light Mirror

This is one of those products that are 5 stars because they are useful.

Although it looks simple, it has a few features that make it well worth its price. It is more like a bargain.

Firstly, it is a double sided mirror. One side is the normal mirror and the other side is magnified to 5 times the normal mirror.  You can rotate the mirror easily to switch back and forth between each side.

It sits well on the table with the flat base. Yet is is a compact mirror. Doesn’t take up much space but the mirror is the right size for use.

The mirror lights up in the shape of a ‘O’ and is a soft light so eyes don’t hurt. It is powered by 3 AAA batteries which are included! The light can be turned on and off by a easily accessible button.

I recommend this mirror as it’s so affordable but packed with useful features.

Kealive Motion Sensor Light

I have this light in my clothes wardrobe. It is quite dark in there so I placed it above the hangers. As I have a shelf above it, I placed it on the underneath part so the light shines down on the clothes.

Every time I open the door on that side, it lights up the clothes so I can see everything properly.

It is basically a long magnet, which has adhesive on one side. The light attaches to the magnet side and what I find really useful is that since it is attached via the magnet, I can take off the light when batteries need replacing. That said, my batteries are still working fine. It requires. 4 AAA batteries.

It is almost 19cm long and really useful for dark spaces like cupboards and drawers. It is also useful for the hallway at night, when needing a quick drink from the kitchen or a visit to the loo!

Kealive Ball Solar Garden Light Review

Kealive Ball Solar Garden Light Review

Today I have a really cool product to review. It is a large solar powered light for the outdoors in the shape of a ball.

I’ve actually seen this used as a night light on a bedside table too but as a large ball shaped light it looks pretty awesome outside.

The good thing about it is that you don’t actually see the solar panel as it is inside the ball so all you see is the light.

It has 8 different colours but I have to say my favourite is the yellow. It looks so good in the evenings. It can be set to one colour or it can be set to the automatic colour changing setting. This is all done by one button underneath.

The lights are soft to set the mood. Having a couple opposite each other looks even better than one alone and having several scattered around the garden (if you have a large garden) makes a nice setting.

To get an idea of the size, it is 31cm by 30.7cm by 30.7cm. It feels lightweight at 1.6kg but looks expensive. When you look closely at it, it has a bit of a sparkle.

There is a ground setter included so you can keep it firm in the soil if needed.

It reacts to light so will turn off in the daytime and turn on when it gets dark. It must be placed in a area where the sun will hit it so it can be charged during the day. I have even put it on my windowsill to charge during the day when I wanted to use it in doors when I had a party.

Here’s a video to show it in action but I must say it looks better in person.

Get yours here.

Get a range of tech from AUKEY

Get a range of tech from AUKEY

I have done a post previously on power banks from AUKEY on Amazon. They’ve worked well and I passed some of them onto family and friends to find out what they think of them and so far so good.

Today, I have a few different technology items that are useful and can take existing tech in the home to a new level.

The first is this AUKEY Mechanical Keyboard which is backlit with a range of colours. Our keyboard was many years old so an update was needed and instead of the normal plain black style, we decided to get one which lights up.

To me it looks cool but it functions well too. I think my other half is pretty impressed with it seeing as he is the gamer but we use it daily for normal computer tasks.

The second is this Gaming Mouse which looks very technical with all its buttons but is straightforward to use. It is heavier than the average computer mouse but it is designed to be like that and it feels like a solid piece of navigation for the computer. The other feature is that it too lights up and it isn’t overbearing. Rather it is subtle so my desk isn’t looking like some disco party but there are colour changing lights around me.

Thirdly, we have another power bank from AUKEY but this one is a cylinder shape. It is so portable and fits so well in my handbag. Of course, it doesn’t have as much charging power, in that it will give me a couple of good charges on my phone but it is one of the power banks I use for popping in my bag when going for a quick outing or visit or keeping it ready in my bag for when I need it in a emergency when out. For that it has worked well.

What I like so much about this one is that I only need to carry one wire around with me as it has a USB C Port and as I have a Nexus phone which charges from a USB C port, it matches perfectly. It is so convenient for me.

That takes me to this set of 5 USB C cables.

They are different lengths with one short (great for travelling and using with a power bank) and some much longer. This is so handy as it basically fits the needs of every occasion.

This leads me to my last item which is the AUKEY Extension plug.

I’ve been using these for several months now and they are handy in any room. Nowadays my other half and I are charging our phones, power banks and other gadgets, whilst also using the laptop when plugged in and turning the lamp on during the evenings. This extension plug allows you to do all of those.

Iuse the USB part for charging power banks and my Bluetooth speaker and the other plugs are used for laptops and lamps. If I was to choose a top item it would be this due to its usefulness.

I tend to use a lot of gadgets in a moderate way but some items like extension leads, power banks and cables seem to be part of my every day life. If you have any questions about any of these, feel free to ask. I can test out the items in a way that you would use them so you can decide on whether to purchase them.

3D Jigsaw Puzzles – Fun for the family

3D Jigsaw Puzzles – Fun for the family

My kids have been into puzzles for a very long time. It keeps them occupied for ages and I was surprised at how young they learn to put together the larger puzzles we have.

I was recommended these 3D puzzles on Amazon and decided to order them. I liked the old school look of the buildings and ended up with three: The Flower Shop, Hotel and Ice Cream Parlour.

They all come flat packed so they are great for storing, ready to be built.

It is basically thick cardboard which is padded. The art is really nice and it was relaxing looking at the detail in this modern technology era.

The parts to the puzzle need to be pushed out from the rest of the cardboard.

The pieces are numbered and different pieces will have the same number so you know which piece matches up to the next piece. In other words if there are two pieces with the number 40, then those 40s need to line up next to each other. Some parts also bend, whilst others you insert into holes to keep the 3D puzzle intact. My first attempt was something like this:

I’ve never built a 3D puzzle before and it came with no instructions so I did get a bit confused so I decided to get the base down and try work my way from there.

It’s quite cool how it all comes together but one negative I found was that the pillars by the door on the side of the flower shop were not very strong. They easily bend and can break if you’re not over the top gentle.

On second attempt I was feeling more confident. The kids helped out with pushing the puzzle pieces out and assembling parts of it.

I built from floor up so no pieces would get squashed.

This one was really cute as it had a little table and bench set with it:

The only negative with this one was the stairs. As it joins from the side, it was wanting to come away from the rest of the parlour. I think super glue would keep it intact and solve the issue.

I did enjoy making these and more than that, I liked the look of these. I think using some glue to keep everything secure might be a good idea as that means the kids can play with them with their little toy people and these puzzles really look good when built. I give it a thumbs up as a adults gift and older kids would find it interesting to build too. I have one more left to build but I’ve left that for a rainy day.

Tibet Impression Notebook from Amazon

Tibet Impression Notebook from Amazon

Amazon has a wide range of stationary thanks to the Chinese sellers who have joined the marketplace. I still haven’t grown out of that feeling you get when you have fresh and new stationary in front of you. Especially crisp, straight and no crease in site notebooks.

I am a massive note-taker and am guilty of doodling when writing is not needed. Of course my drawings don’t look as great on lined paper so plain papered notebooks are good to use and I can write as big or as small as I want to on the page.

This post will be updated with alternative notebooks on the net. I am lucky that I can discover these easily with sellers showing me their products directly so I will start with this Tibet Notebook that can be used for anything:

Tibet Impression Notebook/Scrapbook

You have to give props to the Chinese sellers. Many of them go a extra mile with their products. Firstly, it comes in this special pouch:

Inside, is a A5 landscape book with wonderful art work:

As well as the above, there is also a little black notebook and a postcard. Both of these have the same amazing art work on the front:

This is the lining on the inside of the main book:

The inside paper is not white. It is that dusky yellow paper that goes well with the art work:

There are a handful of pages inside with artwork. I won’t spoil it for you by adding all of them but this is one of them:

At the very back of the book there is a little pouch. Not sure what could go in there but there’s also a handy bookmark string:

This notebook inspires me to write and draw. The art work inside encourages me and I feel like I want to make whatever I write or draw in this book important.

I’m happy to see such a different style of notebook available to buy in the UK. I am a bit notebook crazy but this does make it to the top for a book to use for myself, instead of giving to the kids. It would make a nice gift too.

It’s a thick notebook so there are plenty of pages and it feels well made. If you want to read more details, you can find it here on Amazon.

AUKEY Desk Lamp and Power Bank Review

AUKEY Desk Lamp and Power Bank Review

I have been reviewing similar desk lamps and a whole range of power banks for awhile and I will be writing a post on choosing the right one for you soon. However, this post will focus on products from the AUKEY brand. I do have a reasonable amount of knowledge on both products so I hope to share my thoughts on them.

First up is the:

AUKEY Foldable Desk Lamp

This is a large  but slimline lamp. It doesn’t take up much desk space but its light area is long so can cover a large area. Then, if you don’t feel like you want it to hang over things, you can just fold it down. There is also a USB port which can be used to charge your phone.

Its other features include being able to control the brightness of the lamp. It has a touch control base, so you slide your finger across to make it brighter or dimmer. There is also a touch button for a 60 minute timer, and of course the useful on/off button.

The good thing about this lamp is that you can choose between white lighting and warm yellow lighting.

The wire to plug it in goes out from the back of the lamp which is handy as it means you can place your lamp wherever you want.

I’ve tested other lamps similar to this and I like how it doesn’t have a huge base. This is ideal for those who have smaller desks or putting on a sideboard or console table. It also is good for those who like a modern design.

You can buy it from Amazon here.

Next up I have 3 power banks from the brand. 2 are very similar but it’s all about the details:

AUKEY Quick Charge 2.0 20000mAh Power Bank

AUKEY Quick Charge 3.0 20000mAh Power Bank

AUKEY Quick Charge 3.0 Portable Charger 30000mAh

With the first two power banks, the difference is the charging speed. The rest of the features are the same.

The power banks with 20000mAh+ numbers basically refer to how much power they can store to charge your phone. 200000 mAh should charge your phone a few times and 300000mAh much more than that.

The 200000mAh powerbanks are slightly smaller than the 300000mAh one but they are bigger than medium sized power banks. What I found that is that they are not as heavy as my other large power banks.

They all are well designed as they are simple, rectangle in shape with no fuss patterns. There are USB ports for all devices which I found really cool.

I like how the power button lights up green when it is on.

Another added feature is a little torch light built in which is cool. You can turn it on/off by pressing and holding the power button.

It’s pretty handy to have any one of these power banks and keeping it in your bag when going to places like work as they fit neatly in the bag, much better than carrying a standard wall charger around. They all come with a charging wire to get you charging your phone quicker.

I’ve found all the products well made and have not found any negatives so far. They are all worth having a look at.

Review: MATOA Gili Handmade Wooden Watch

Review: MATOA Gili Handmade Wooden Watch

The truth: I used to wear watches a lot as a kid and would often get a new one when the old stopped working. I always used to go for some kids character watch. One day, I stopped being interested in them altogether. Since then, I tend to look at watches and walk away as, like rings, I feel like I don’t ‘suit’ them anymore.

Then one day I opened the door to the postman who had this simple box to hand over to me:

I didn’t think much of it at all and handed it to my other half, but he wanted me to open it. Inside was this wood tree stump thing:

My other half knows how much I love wood, so I was fascinated by this thing, nicely engraved with the brand name on top.

I have a wooden key ring from a part of a tree with my name engraved, so this is totally up my ally.

This wooden tree box unravelled a wonderful watch inside:

Truth: It wowed us both when we opened it. The colour of the watch is a intense brown wood, which stands out against the gold detailing.

Since he was occupied doing something, I decided to wear it. Okay, it was a little big but it looked pretty awesome on my wrist, and I claimed it mine.

I’ve seen wooden watches online and I guess I am not a fan of the paler shades of wood as a watch colour but the dark brown does have a formal, business-like look to it when worn. I felt like it would stand out (in a good way) against a casual outfit and would be the star of the show.

I do love the gold detailing against the dark wood but the best part is looking at all those wood grains on the watch. It has character to it which I can’t say the same for other watches.

To top all of that, the watch box can be used as a plant pot too so the team behind this product have really put thought into every aspect of it.

The conclusion to this is, my other half wants to get some links taken off to fit his wrist, but I’d need more taken off for my wrist, so who’s it gonna be? And my dad keeps asking me to bring his watch every time we talk on the phone. It is a impressive watch.

You can find it on Amazon here.

Cadbury Milk Chocolate Spread Review and Quick Tea-Time Treat

Cadbury Milk Chocolate Spread Review and Quick Tea-Time Treat


If you fancy a delicious but quick to make tea time treat, I have the perfect ides for you.

Since having kids, and them being very young, there isn’t much time to bake home made goodies due to all the feeding, cuddling and alsorts that goes on with kids.

What I love to make in general is a classic victoria sponge. It tastes good, is simple and is great for dunking in tea.

I’ve heard of people using Nutella as a cake spread but whilst shopping, I came across the Cadbury Milk Chocolate Spread. In the example above, I decided to add chopped chocolate in the batter and covered the cake with the Cadbury Spread. I got the kids involved by melting chocolate and letting them drizzle the top so it has a simple decoration.

I was really surprised at the result. The spread added a delicious chocolate flavour to the sponge. It wasn’t overpowering but had the right amount of taste to allow both the victoria sponge, and the spread to shine. I really enjoyed it with a cuppa tea and have used this combination several times since. It has gone down well with guests too. It’s one of those warm, fuzzy feeling cakes. Not sickly. Comforting.

You can make it in a square tin and cut into squares for kids parties too to make it easier.

V&A Museum of Childhood Bethnal Green, London – A Review

V&A Museum of Childhood Bethnal Green, London – A Review

Being born and bred in London, I had been to several museums as a kid, although some I don’t remember so much. I am pretty sure I went here during my time at infants school, yet when I went this year it did seem smaller. I have no idea though as my memory of it is weak!

I went with my one year old to the Museum of Childhood, since it is full of toys! I love toys! Sorry, I meant my one year old loves toys.

First things first. Parking. If you’re travelling my car, going early, or during quieter times is the best option. We could not find parking at all and found ourselves parking a walk away from the museum. Just about found a space. Getting a bus there shouldn’t be a problem, plenty of those around.

Inside the museum, is a simplistic array of toys in glass cabinets. The museum did not feel like a massive mess of toys due to this. All the toys were neatly tucked away out of reach. This is where my recollection of my own childhood visit was blurred. I remembered being able to have a feel of the toys as a kid. Perhaps it was a different museum.

My little one did enjoy looking around at the different toys but I did feel like it was lacking since there was a glass in between us and the toys. That said, it was great as a adult, seeing all the vintage toys, compared to what we have now. I loved the detailing in the dolls houses and the cars that we don’t see much of nowadays (hey cosy coupe, still love you). My favourite was the moving train which had a lovely scene made around it. I wouldn’t mind one of those myself.

As for food, there is a clean cafe right in the middle of the museum, with plenty of seats but we had taken a packed lunch with us and sat in the simple park next to the museum. It was packed with squirrels, and I mean packed!

I won’t spoil the trip for you by posting too many pictures but I’ll conclude this post with saying that there are a few things kids can play with:

Horses – There are rocking horses which we queued several minutes for. Lots of kids want to go on them. They are a good size and well, rock.

Play table – There was a small play table in a corner which had some wooden toys to play with. Good for toddlers.

Sensory area – This is where there are long tubes of lights which do cool things. It’s pretty fun for kids.

There’s also a shop with lots of different things to choose from to take home. It is worth a visit on your way out.

All in all, I would say there isn’t much play in the toy museum but there are plenty of old school toys to have a look at through the glass. The toys have little notes next to step so you can find out which year they were popular and it makes a pretty interesting read.

The museum is worth going to but don’t expect to be there all day as it isn’t huge but enough to fill half a day.