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Wooden Chopping Board Review

Wooden Chopping Board Review

Last year I ordered this large wooden chopping board. It was for craft but it is a kitchen item.

What stood out to me was this on the product description:

Only with wood that has been collected in a renewable and controlled manner. Our priority is to offer our customers high-quality products, from an eco-responsible, and equitable sector managed in a sustainable way

It is made in Europe and has a form of eco-friendly vibe to it (I suppose, if you have Amazon vouchers lying around).

The wood is solid and does feel like it is well-made. A simple product that does what it’s meant to.

Finether Folding Table Review

Finether Folding Table Review

I’ve had this for over a year now so my review is based on long-term use.

This table is one that folds, and comes with chairs and without chairs. They are simple chairs with no backs but good enough to sit on comfortably for some time. They are available at Amazon:

Finether folding table with chairs

Finether folding table

In a nutshell:

The table folds in half which makes it great for storing and compact for easy transporting. Think carboot sales! It leaves plenty of room for all the stuff you need to sell.

The one with chairs basically stores the chairs inside when folded. So compact!

It has a handle to carry it like a briefcase when folded.

The table is wide enough to have a party. Plenty of room.

Really easy to set up and put away.

Build quality is good. It is lightweight but sturdy and even then, it can take some tumble.

3 height settings. The lowest setting is excellent for little kids, so is great for kids parties. The other 2 settings are medium and normal table height. Hence it makes the perfect table for selling on, for parties, for putting different food on etc. I use a table cover to make it look fancier and you wouldn’t guess it was a plain white table underneath it.

Because it’s so flexible in use, it is so worth it.

Clothes Pegs – Durable and Long-Lasting

Clothes Pegs – Durable and Long-Lasting

Say no to plastic clothes pegs. You know, the ones that break easily!

From my online shopping addiction, I’ve come across a new style of clothes pegs which are good quality and have lasted months.

I say new but perhaps they’re not new at all.

My favourite is this set from ZesGood. The material feels strong and thick, not flimsy and it has lasted us months. They feel like the real deal, and they’re colourful too.

I’ve also ordered these stainless steel ones.

They feel lighter in weight than the colourful set but not bad in quality. You get 20 more for a similar amount of money too.

I think this style of clothes peg is much better than the old fashioned pegs which break easily. Making laundry more efficient.