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Lee Stafford Lighten Up Illuminated Magnifying Mirror

Lee Stafford Lighten Up Illuminated Magnifying Mirror

I ordered this for the dressing table in my home which is also used by my daughter and other family members. I’ve used this style of mirror for some time now as it’s a close-up mirror and thought the pink would add a touch of colour to our plain room, as well as my daughter growing up and it being her sort of thing.

The mirror looks glamorous from the start and this is due to the colour. It is more of a vibrant pink, than a bright pink. It looks stylish rather than a kids toy. The choice of colour and the right amount of shine has been used for this product.

It is not a metal mirror. It is plastic. Hence I do think this mirror is great for kids, terms and young adults. If you’re dressing room is white and elegant then this would look good in there as it is a touch of colour in a product that is useful rather than adding fake coloured flowers to the room or something.

There is a simple slide button to turn the light on and off. It is a warm yellow which I prefer way more than bright white lights. The lights are on both sides. One is a normal mirror and the other is 3X magnified.

It would make a great gift for a teen. It is the same size as my old mirror and not big and bulky which is good for dressing tables so it doesn’t take up much space.

Aimone Women’s Samantha Sparkly Wedge Sandals Review

Aimone Women’s Samantha Sparkly Wedge Sandals Review

I have only ever bought high street branded shoes from Amazon but with the recent influx of new sellers, I get curious to see what they have to offer and if the quality is on par with the more well known brands.

I came across the Aimone Samantha sandals which is a wedge sandal with crystal detailing on the front.

The main colour is brown and so the crystals stand out and sparkle against the darker background.

In regards to quality, I found the material of the wedge sandals excellent. The crystals also so far seem to be firmly attached. Nothing feels flimsy here.

The sandals are also really comfortable. I’m not much of a high heels wearer but despite these having a thick wedge, they felt comfortable on my feet and I didn’t feel like I was going to fall over!

Overall I’m impressed with these wedge sandals and I do think that if you’re looking for something that is different and not on the high street then this is a safe bet in terms of quality, and they look good too!

To get a pair for yourself, buy it from Amazon here.