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Wooden Chopping Board Review

Wooden Chopping Board Review

Last year I ordered this large wooden chopping board. It was for craft but it is a kitchen item.

What stood out to me was this on the product description:

Only with wood that has been collected in a renewable and controlled manner. Our priority is to offer our customers high-quality products, from an eco-responsible, and equitable sector managed in a sustainable way

It is made in Europe and has a form of eco-friendly vibe to it (I suppose, if you have Amazon vouchers lying around).

The wood is solid and does feel like it is well-made. A simple product that does what it’s meant to.

Finether Folding Table Review

Finether Folding Table Review

I’ve had this for over a year now so my review is based on long-term use.

This table is one that folds, and comes with chairs and without chairs. They are simple chairs with no backs but good enough to sit on comfortably for some time. They are available at Amazon:

Finether folding table with chairs

Finether folding table

In a nutshell:

The table folds in half which makes it great for storing and compact for easy transporting. Think carboot sales! It leaves plenty of room for all the stuff you need to sell.

The one with chairs basically stores the chairs inside when folded. So compact!

It has a handle to carry it like a briefcase when folded.

The table is wide enough to have a party. Plenty of room.

Really easy to set up and put away.

Build quality is good. It is lightweight but sturdy and even then, it can take some tumble.

3 height settings. The lowest setting is excellent for little kids, so is great for kids parties. The other 2 settings are medium and normal table height. Hence it makes the perfect table for selling on, for parties, for putting different food on etc. I use a table cover to make it look fancier and you wouldn’t guess it was a plain white table underneath it.

Because it’s so flexible in use, it is so worth it.

Kids Products on Amazon

Kids Products on Amazon

Lucear Baby bath towel/blanket

The reason why I am impressed with this product is because I have already got a very similar one fromĀ Aden + Anais which I kept for summer months. This blanket/towel from Lucear on Amazon is very similar to it but offers a different print on the towel/blanket. The material is really soft and it is affordable. It’s a large square shaped blanket/towel, enough for kids. To top it all off, the candy/sweets print makes it a little extra fun.
There are also matching washcloths available in the same material and style. The ones I ordered had a different pattern as well as ordering a pack of plain ones. These are nice for baby hampers and the material is so soft.

It doesn’t stop there. There are also matching bibs available. This set matches the patterned washcloth set I ordered and has a variety of designs including a cute little car print.

Short and Sweet Amazon Reviews

Short and Sweet Amazon Reviews

I want to publish a post that is mainly a summary of random items you can buy on Amazon and whether they’re a good buy or not.

Prices change all the time so it must be the right price for you. Please make that decision before buying.

Kbnian Clothes Pegs

This is a good buy and the way these are made are much better than those old fashioned clothes pegs.

Stainless Steel Sieve Set & Whisk

This is actually one of my best buys from Amazon. The set is lightweight. The only negative is the sieve part is lightweight (but not flimsy, it’s well made) and so it’s easy to bend and lose its shape. I’m fine with it though.

Template Tool

I have one of these to give away so head over to my giveaway page to win it.

I ordered this thinking I’d use it for arts and crafts but this hit me at a time when I was heading for minimalism and so, although it seems like a useful tool, it’s not something I need.

Metal Hanging Flower PotĀ 

This set comes with 10 pots in different colours. As well as using them for plants, I find them a nice gift idea, filling them with snacks, pens, whatever takes your fancy. Add a little string and it makes it look a little fancy.

Washi Tapes from Amazon – Review

Washi Tapes from Amazon – Review

Washi tapes are so popular at the moment. If you use Traveler’s Notebooks or do bullet journalling, you’ll know all about it. It’s great for scrapbooking too.

So I decided to have a browse on Amazon to see what I could find. AliExpress is super cheap for washi tapes but if you don’t want to wait several weeks for it (with no tracking too), then Amazon is a great option, especially if you have vouchers.

Something colourful

The Ailiebhaus Decorative Washi Tape offers a variety of colours, mostly pastel shades. I would use them for underlining headings, separating sections, creating borders, making a frame around pictures and well, the options are endless.

Keidason Stainless Steel Kitchen Funnel Review

Keidason Stainless Steel Kitchen Funnel Review

I tend to look around for a funnel when I’m pouring used oil into a jar to dispose. However, since receiving this in the post, I have been looking around for it more than I thought I would.

I’d say I’m a bit clumsy in the kitchen, so using a funnel to direct liquids into pots or jars has been really helpful for me. I’m glad I ordered a stainless steel one as I’m trying to go down the no plastic route.

To get yours, have a look at the one I ordered here.

Lee Stafford Lighten Up Illuminated Magnifying Mirror

Lee Stafford Lighten Up Illuminated Magnifying Mirror

I ordered this for the dressing table in my home which is also used by my daughter and other family members. I’ve used this style of mirror for some time now as it’s a close-up mirror and thought the pink would add a touch of colour to our plain room, as well as my daughter growing up and it being her sort of thing.

The mirror looks glamorous from the start and this is due to the colour. It is more of a vibrant pink, than a bright pink. It looks stylish rather than a kids toy. The choice of colour and the right amount of shine has been used for this product.

It is not a metal mirror. It is plastic. Hence I do think this mirror is great for kids, terms and young adults. If you’re dressing room is white and elegant then this would look good in there as it is a touch of colour in a product that is useful rather than adding fake coloured flowers to the room or something.

There is a simple slide button to turn the light on and off. It is a warm yellow which I prefer way more than bright white lights. The lights are on both sides. One is a normal mirror and the other is 3X magnified.

It would make a great gift for a teen. It is the same size as my old mirror and not big and bulky which is good for dressing tables so it doesn’t take up much space.

Why it’s not always a good idea to purchase from Amazon

Why it’s not always a good idea to purchase from Amazon

In my early days of reviewing items from Amazon, I had a huge amount of tech items for review from chinese sellers. It was welcomed because I’d get things like bluetooth speakers which now are a novelty item to me.

I also had the chance to review a variety of extension plugs. Of all of them, this one was my favourite:

I remember thinking that the Chinese are far ahead of the UK companies. Look how cool the packaging is for a extension wire! A nice shiny gold.

I didn’t understand the funny looking plug sockets but what I did appreciate was the fact that it could charge all my new usb powered tech I had acquired as well as being able to plug in my lamp. It was so new to me.

What I realised after was that the sockets were mot just for UK plugs but also for the 2 pin plugs. This was really handy as I had a 2 pin lamp for review which was so simple yet trendy but I didn’t have a converter for it. So Now I could use this for everything I owned.

Later on I found out that the plug for this extension wire is one known to cause fires. It is a funny shaped plug, I don’t have a picture of it sadly but I didn’t want to take any risks.

What you buy on Amazon or even eBay isn’t always full proof in terms of safety so I’d urge going with a reliable brand,even if other brands offer a better price, something more trendy and with more features.

Clothes Pegs – Durable and Long-Lasting

Clothes Pegs – Durable and Long-Lasting

Say no to plastic clothes pegs. You know, the ones that break easily!

From my online shopping addiction, I’ve come across a new style of clothes pegs which are good quality and have lasted months.

I say new but perhaps they’re not new at all.

My favourite is this set from ZesGood. The material feels strong and thick, not flimsy and it has lasted us months. They feel like the real deal, and they’re colourful too.

I’ve also ordered these stainless steel ones.

They feel lighter in weight than the colourful set but not bad in quality. You get 20 more for a similar amount of money too.

I think this style of clothes peg is much better than the old fashioned pegs which break easily. Making laundry more efficient.


Aimone Women’s Samantha Sparkly Wedge Sandals Review

Aimone Women’s Samantha Sparkly Wedge Sandals Review

I have only ever bought high street branded shoes from Amazon but with the recent influx of new sellers, I get curious to see what they have to offer and if the quality is on par with the more well known brands.

I came across the Aimone Samantha sandals which is a wedge sandal with crystal detailing on the front.

The main colour is brown and so the crystals stand out and sparkle against the darker background.

In regards to quality, I found the material of the wedge sandals excellent. The crystals also so far seem to be firmly attached. Nothing feels flimsy here.

The sandals are also really comfortable. I’m not much of a high heels wearer but despite these having a thick wedge, they felt comfortable on my feet and I didn’t feel like I was going to fall over!

Overall I’m impressed with these wedge sandals and I do think that if you’re looking for something that is different and not on the high street then this is a safe bet in terms of quality, and they look good too!

To get a pair for yourself, buy it from Amazon here.