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I Love My Brother & Sister – Igloo Books – Book Review

Today I managed to get an unexpected bargain at The Works.

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I’m a bargain hunter at heart! But with my journey towards minimalism (and way less time to shop with kids), I rarely hunt for bargains so when I actually find or receive on, it really does feel good!

There were several books stickered with a 10p label. I picked up one and left the rest which were not geared towards us. This book has a a nice colourful cover and titled:

I Love My Brother and Sister

The first page has over 100 stickers. The 100 mostly comes from the small stickers but in general it’s a nice set of stickers.

The book is black and white. It has a lovely story about siblings. What I found with my 3 year old is that she enjoyed the story and then proceeded to go through the illustration, page by page. She interpreted some of the animals as daddy, rather than a sibling which was good for her imagination.

The idea is to colour each page as you go along but my daughter was happy to leave it for when she’s a little older. I have a feeling this book will be with us for some time and read often and then we can still enjoy it when she’s older as she colours away.

The RRP is £3.99 and I think it’s totally worth it. The Work’s price was £1 but I was lucky to get it for 10p at clearance.

There have been many times when I’ve flicked through a kids book and been a little surprised at the story and put it right down. Things like teaching bad manners or to me, instilling fear in kids or something along those lines. This book is nothing like that and I’d happily pay the retail price for it, and that’s not something I say lightly!

An enjoyable book for all to read and words can be altered to friend, mummy, daddy or even aunt/uncle when you read it aloud, in case your child does not have siblings.

5 stars from me!

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