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Getting rid of all things Amazon

Getting rid of all things Amazon

Being a blogger/reviewer, I had offers from all directions to review items that can be purchased from Amazon’s platform.

As a bargain hunter, it was a great opportunity to regularly receive mail that was either free or did not cost me much. Things I wouldn’t dream of buying before. I became an expert somewhat, in all things Amazon.

Then something hit, and I didn’t feel comfortable in my own home. It was the journey towards minimalism that made ‘stuff’ which used to bring comfort to me, become uncomfortable.

Since I’ve overcome the fear of letting go of items I’ve paid for, it’s become easier to get rid of even more. So I found myself collecting all things Amazon into one room and putting them up for sale, or for free, on local selling websites.

It meant that I had more available space, another person got a bargain and I’m closer to reaching my goal.

Yes, I could have kept a lot of it, like some craft items, but I decided to let go and only keep what I purchased at full price, mainly from other stores. Now I only had a nod to my previous hoarding habits, such as a Bluetooth speaker with a nice wooden front. Any extras were gifted to others who could use them.

Understanding letting go of things you don’t love

Understanding letting go of things you don’t love

I haven’t read much into the Kon Marie method of decluttering, only what I’ve read on posts here and there but most of it makes sense, when it clicks.

I try to think I’m not attached to most things I own, so getting rid of it all doesn’t seem very practical but that was a misunderstanding on my part.

For example, I held onto some tights that were part of a 2-pack. I didn’t love them but I paid a price I didn’t like and that made it worse, so in my mind I had to keep them.

It’s only now, after several years that I finally realise, it doesn’t bring joy, I feel tired seeing it even if it’s stored away and now it’s time to let it go.

Yes, I will try and sell it, low price or not but I give myself till December. If it doesn’t sell, it will be donated. 

Keidason Stainless Steel Kitchen Funnel Review

Keidason Stainless Steel Kitchen Funnel Review

I tend to look around for a funnel when I’m pouring used oil into a jar to dispose. However, since receiving this in the post, I have been looking around for it more than I thought I would.

I’d say I’m a bit clumsy in the kitchen, so using a funnel to direct liquids into pots or jars has been really helpful for me. I’m glad I ordered a stainless steel one as I’m trying to go down the no plastic route.

To get yours, have a look at the one I ordered here.

Quick Selling Tip: Clothes

Quick Selling Tip: Clothes

I have been decluttering new and old items for several years now and what I’ve come to realise is the hardest item to sell: clothes.

I’ve had some new clothes, with tags, popular sizes and from brands that would cost a lot normally and setting the price to £5 hasn’t made them budge.

And I’ve sold a lot of junk. But good clothes are very difficult to shift.

Do be careful with spending on clothes as it is gutting when you find you don’t end up wearing it and need space, and can’t claim back any of the hard earned cash spent on it.

Eyeliner Brush by Bella and Bear Review

Eyeliner Brush by Bella and Bear Review

Bella & Bear kindly sent this eyeliner brush for review.

I love the look of eyeliner but like many, I struggle to put it on confidently.

Firstly, this brush comes in a lovely box, with the floral patterns. This is Bella & Bear’s trademark and everyone I know always comments on how gorgeous the packaging is.

The actual brush is angled at a distance where it feels comfortable to hold it up to the eye and see what I’m doing. It provides precision and helps shaky hands.

Now, how can you get your hand on one of these? You can either buy it from Amazon or you can enter my 2017 giveaway and try and get your hands on one of these.

Lee Stafford Lighten Up Illuminated Magnifying Mirror

Lee Stafford Lighten Up Illuminated Magnifying Mirror

I ordered this for the dressing table in my home which is also used by my daughter and other family members. I’ve used this style of mirror for some time now as it’s a close-up mirror and thought the pink would add a touch of colour to our plain room, as well as my daughter growing up and it being her sort of thing.

The mirror looks glamorous from the start and this is due to the colour. It is more of a vibrant pink, than a bright pink. It looks stylish rather than a kids toy. The choice of colour and the right amount of shine has been used for this product.

It is not a metal mirror. It is plastic. Hence I do think this mirror is great for kids, terms and young adults. If you’re dressing room is white and elegant then this would look good in there as it is a touch of colour in a product that is useful rather than adding fake coloured flowers to the room or something.

There is a simple slide button to turn the light on and off. It is a warm yellow which I prefer way more than bright white lights. The lights are on both sides. One is a normal mirror and the other is 3X magnified.

It would make a great gift for a teen. It is the same size as my old mirror and not big and bulky which is good for dressing tables so it doesn’t take up much space.

The Declutter Challenge

The Declutter Challenge

Many of us have hit the point where we’re fed up with piles and piles of stuff and then attempt to do a complete overhaul (many times over due to the amount of stuff!) or try to tackle a little section each day.

Even with the complete blitz, it seems like no dent is made and there still so much stuff. It is a totally consuming process. It can get a bit too much too. Here are some tips to help you get through it:

Designate a section of your home for selling and donating items

I have boxes piled up neatly with selling items. I take a picture, then put it in a box. It is better to keep items of the same category in the same box, so it’s easy to find it after.

Keep items at a reasonable price

But if someone offers something lower than you wanted, consider it and decide whether to accept it or not. Apart from things like LEGO. They do hold value so if you can wait, hold out for a better price then if it still doesn’t sell, reconsider your selling price.

Have patience

Having stacks of boxes can stress you out. Remind yourself they will go, and if it gets too much you can always take it to a charity shop for them to sell.

Don’t tackle a whole room on days you have less time

You know, when you plan to just keep the table top free of clutter, or the dressing table, but you end up opening up the drawers, the cabinets and so on. And instead of playing with the kids, you’ve just created a bigger job. Try to gauge how much time you actually have before you regret it.

Enjoy the process

Soon you’ll have a clutter free home. Who knows how we end up having so much stuff in the first place but this long process will be a good reminder of why to stop buying stuff and to keep it simple.



The time I tried to make fish pie for my kido

The time I tried to make fish pie for my kido

Ever since I remember, I have been a picky eater. It’s not fun. I’ve tried to overcome it in my 20s but even with a lot of effort, my personal menu has not added many new things to it.

For this reason, I have tried very hard to feed my first born a variety of baby dishes cooked from scratch. I had this Annabel Karmel recipe stack and found a salmon fish pie. I remember eating cos fish pie as a kid, so I thought, hey, let’s have a go.

So there I go getting all the ingredients, setting it out and following the steps carefully. Looked neat to me.

Actually, it produced a very nice result and extras for the freezer:

It looked so crispy and fresh and the breadcrumb was stunning.

However, when my daughter took a bite, she refused to have anymore! All that effort for…. nothing. It was then I realised I put way more salmon in, and too less potato. It’s meant to be potato-ey with a hint of salmon. Duh!

Why it’s not always a good idea to purchase from Amazon

Why it’s not always a good idea to purchase from Amazon

In my early days of reviewing items from Amazon, I had a huge amount of tech items for review from chinese sellers. It was welcomed because I’d get things like bluetooth speakers which now are a novelty item to me.

I also had the chance to review a variety of extension plugs. Of all of them, this one was my favourite:

I remember thinking that the Chinese are far ahead of the UK companies. Look how cool the packaging is for a extension wire! A nice shiny gold.

I didn’t understand the funny looking plug sockets but what I did appreciate was the fact that it could charge all my new usb powered tech I had acquired as well as being able to plug in my lamp. It was so new to me.

What I realised after was that the sockets were mot just for UK plugs but also for the 2 pin plugs. This was really handy as I had a 2 pin lamp for review which was so simple yet trendy but I didn’t have a converter for it. So Now I could use this for everything I owned.

Later on I found out that the plug for this extension wire is one known to cause fires. It is a funny shaped plug, I don’t have a picture of it sadly but I didn’t want to take any risks.

What you buy on Amazon or even eBay isn’t always full proof in terms of safety so I’d urge going with a reliable brand,even if other brands offer a better price, something more trendy and with more features.