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    Keidason Stainless Steel Kitchen Funnel Review

    I tend to look around for a funnel when I’m pouring used oil into a jar to dispose. However, since receiving this in the post, I have been looking around for it more than I thought I would. I’d say I’m a bit clumsy in the kitchen, so using a funnel to direct liquids into pots or jars has been really helpful for me. I’m glad I ordered a stainless steel one as I’m trying to go down the no plastic route. To get yours, have a look at the one I ordered here.

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    Quick Selling Tip: Clothes

    I have been decluttering new and old items for several years now and what I’ve come to realise is the hardest item to sell: clothes. I’ve had some new clothes, with tags, popular sizes and from brands that would cost a lot normally and setting the price to ¬£5 hasn’t made them budge. And I’ve sold a lot of junk. But good clothes are very difficult to shift. Do be careful with spending on clothes as it is gutting when you find you don’t end up wearing it and need space, and can’t claim back any of the hard earned cash spent on it.

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    Eyeliner Brush by Bella and Bear Review

    Bella & Bear kindly sent this eyeliner brush for review. I love the look of eyeliner but like many, I struggle to put it on confidently. Firstly, this brush comes in a lovely box, with the floral patterns. This is Bella & Bear’s trademark and everyone I know always comments on how gorgeous the packaging is. The actual brush is angled at a distance where it feels comfortable to hold it up to the eye and see what I’m doing. It provides precision and helps shaky hands. Now, how can you get your hand on one of these? You can either buy it from Amazon¬†or you can enter my 2017…