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    Jieway Womens Classic Vintage PU Leather Handbag (Tan) Review

    The PU leather tote handbag comes in a pink dustbag for protection when not in use. The bag is very structured and is wide but has a narrower opening. There are pockets inside to store little items like a pen. The colour of the handbag is ‘tan’. It has a simplistic design but could be dressed up with a charm or a bow to jazz it up a little and dressed down for more formal events.

  • Technology

    Get a range of tech from AUKEY

    I have done a post previously on power banks from AUKEY on Amazon. They’ve worked well and I passed some of them onto family and friends to find out what they think of them and so far so good. Today, I have a few different technology items that are useful and can take existing tech in the home to a new level. The first is this AUKEY Mechanical Keyboard which is backlit with a range of colours. Our keyboard was many years old so an update was needed and instead of the normal plain black style, we decided to get one which lights up. To me it looks cool but…

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    3D Jigsaw Puzzles – Fun for the family

    My kids have been into puzzles for a very long time. It keeps them occupied for ages and I was surprised at how young they learn to put together the larger puzzles we have. I was recommended these 3D puzzles on Amazon and decided to order them. I liked the old school look of the buildings and ended up with three: The Flower Shop, Hotel and Ice Cream Parlour. They all come flat packed so they are great for storing, ready to be built. It is basically thick cardboard which is padded. The art is really nice and it was relaxing looking at the detail in this modern technology era.…