I have accumulated so much stuff recently that I have decided to let go. I’m heading towards minimalism, so it’s given me a kick to get my reviews done and then do something with it.

I would describe the condition of most items as new. Otherwise, they are something I’ve tested in a smoke and pet free home. Sometimes items like necklaces aren’t worn as I get a impression and feel of it immediately and instead of wearing it, I can pass it on to a reader who could use it or gift it.

So I will try to make a updated list of my giveaways on this page. I am not a company, just a old school blogger trying to reinvent herself after many years of having a break but miserably failing due to having no time. Hence I apologise if things don’t go according to official rules but this is coming out of my own pocket. I will explain further:

If you win a prize, there is no chance things can go ‘missing’ as I will post everything tracked. You won’t need to chase me up as to whether I’ve posted it out or not and then me claiming I have and I’ll resend and not actually send. I fully know how frustrating it can be entering giveaways from dishonest companies etc. I will send you a tracking number quickly.

Like other bloggers and companies who hold giveaways, there will be something in it for me. I will release certain prizes at different milestones e.g. 1000 followrs, 2000 followers and so on. I will let you choose what you want from a set of prizes. This will be made easy for me when you comment on prizes you want.

Alongside this, I will be releasing prizes when I’ve reached a target of x amount of money in my general online earning goals (e.g. surveys) and in person. I’m setting myself at £0.00 at the moment. Then when I hit £3.99 (postage cost), I will release the first prize, then the next and so on. I can’t be anymore honest than this.

It would be nice if you posted a picture of the prize when you receive it from your twitter or Instagram but it’s not necessary.

Winners will be chosen randomly but I’ll be keeping a close eye on genuine comments and release further prizes to you guys who actually want to comment and care. I used to have several blogger friends back in the day when it wasn’t commercialised. I took a break due to life and now I want to make new friends. I promise I have loads to say and share but I guess you have to help encourage me 🙂 And you can see how much I have to giveaway to you guys too,

Okay enough talking, off I go to post some giveaways.

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